Cycling coaches are enthusiastic cyclists with a lot of cycling knowledge and experience. They want to use this knowledge and experience to increase the cycling skills and fun of other cyclists. The role of a cycling coach can be compared with that of a tennis coach or trainer: cyclists and tennis players only get better if they regularly do the right exercises, and a coach/trainer often knows those exercises well.

In this project, cycling coaches work together with a cognitive neuroscientist (Eric Maris), and their contribution mainly consists of testing the exercises for the target group (seniors).

If you want to contribute to this project as a bicycle coach, please contact us via this page.

These are the bike coaches of the current team (in alphabetical order):

  • Huub Mares, Nijmegen
  • Ivo Smit, Oosterbeek
  • Rob Soer, Zeeland
  • Daan Steenman, Nijmegen