On the road together

We are constantly looking for cyclists who want to maintain their cycling skills. We organise meetings at which cycling coaches guide cyclists in practice the exercises on this website. These exercises are constantly being improved, and all participating cyclists contribute to this: by performing the exercises and giving feedback to the cycling coaches, we can improve these exercises.

We are looking for two types of cyclists:

  1. Cyclists who think about stopping cycling, but still want to keep cycling. The idea of ​​stopping cycling can arise for a variety of reasons: people think it is no longer safe, it takes too much effort, they no longer feel relaxed on their bikes, they are sometimes scared, ….
  2. Cyclists who still cycle smoothly, but are aware that continuing to cycle requires regular exercise.
    The meetings are at the Dutch Bicycle Center and at the space around the culture spinning mill De Vasim. These two locations are very close together. If you prefer not to come by bike, take public transportation or the car. Buses 5 and 85 will take you to the Dutch Bicycle Center (leave the bus at Weurtseweg or Merwedestraat). For those who come by car, there is a large parking lot near the Dutch Bicycle Center.

If you do not bring your own bicycle, you will receive a loan bicycle from us to practice with.

If you want to sign up for this activity, go to this page and send us a message with the following information:

  1. Your name.
  2. How we can reach you. Preferably you give us an email address and/or a telephone number.
  3. Why you want to participate in this activity.

We will then contact you. Don’t worry if it takes a while before we invite you. Cycling exercises are spread over several meetings, and we first complete all meetings of a series before we start with a new group of cyclists.