The societal goal of this website is to help senior citizens to cycle safely for longer. Cycling has a large positive effect on our health, and it can continue to do so until old age. Moreover, thanks to the electric bike (e-bike), for more and more senior citizens, this possibility comes within reach. Thanks to the e-bike, a reduction in physical strength is no longer a hindrance to keep cycling. The downside of this positive development is the increased risk for the group of cycling seniors. After all, with age also physical vulnerability increases. That is why it is especially important for seniors to minimize the chance of a collision or fall. Because physical strength is no longer an obstacle, this risk mainly depends on cycling skills.

One can not rely one’s whole life on the cycling skill that one has learned during one’s youth. After all, with age also the body changes (including our senses, joints and muscles) and one often switches to a different type of bicycle than the one with which one has built one’s cycling skill. Fortunately, our brain is able to adapt to another body and a different type of bicycle. It does need help with that: cleverly focused exercises that reprogramme our brain so that we can learn new cycling skills, suitable for a new body and a new bicycle.

In the Doing section of this website, a set of bicycle skills exercises is made available in the form of text, images, and instructional videos. These exercises are based on the scientific insights that are described in the Knowing section of this website. The exercises and materials needed for this are designed and tested by a group of like-minded people collaborating on the content of this website.