Cycling is a fascinating activity: using subtle movements, we keep the bicycle upright and steer it in the direction we want to go. And all this we usually do completely unconscious. However, we cannot trust on this skill for our whole life: when getting older, our body changes (a.o., our senses, joints and muscles) and we often switch to a different type of bicycle than the one we used to build our cycling skill.

Fortunately, our brain is able to adapt itself to a different body and different type of bicycle. However, it needs some help to achieve this: clever targeted exercises that reprogram our brain such that we build a new cycling skill which is suited for our new body and our new bicycle.

In the Knowing-part, you will find knowledge about the bicycle and cycling, and in the Doing-part we describe a set of clever exercises for improving one’s cycling skills.


About the bicycle and cycling:



A bicycle is a fascinating vehicle: when it stands still it falls over, and when it moves it stays upright. And cycling is a fascinating activity: using minimal movements we can stay upright, and we usually do this completely unconsciously and in the middle of an environment that continuously demands our attention.

Improving our cycling skills:



We can improve our cycling skills by practicing in a clever way. Clever exercises are based on scientific insights, and on this website we describe a whole package of such clever exercises. With these exercises we learn new cycling skills that are suited for a new body and a new type of bicycle.


About this project :


About …

This website is a part of the project “I keep cycling”. This project has a double goal: (1) showing how existing scientific knowledge is relevant for daily activities such as cycling, and (2) helping cyclists to cycle safely for longer. This project is carried by a group of like-minded people, among which a cognitive neuroscientist and a group of cycling coaches.