Before beginning with the exercises, two preconditions must be met:

  1. The bicycle must be fitting and the rider must wear appropriate clothing.
  2. The rider must be able to mount the bicycle and to ride off.

After that one can start with the exercises, and in principle one can do this without the help of an instructor. The exercises are described in such a way that an interested cyclist can find out by himself how to perform a particular exercise. However, practicing together with a cycling instructor is more effective and more fun; in the ideal scenario, a group of cyclists practice under the supervision of one or more cycling instructors. An important task of the cycling instructor is motivating, and this can be done by explaning, pointing the cyclist to relevant sensory feedback, and by letting the cyclist experience reward.

A number of tools are used in the exercises, and these are described on the following pages. These tools have a supporting function; only through regular use within the appropriate exercises an effect can be expected.